Remember Julie’s story from last week? Things weren’t working in her dating life, and she could not figure out why. It was seriously frustrating. She really wanted a relationship but her dates weren’t turning into lasting connections. In just 60 days of working together, everything turned around.
Here’s why I’m telling you this… I know many of you can relate to the frustration she once felt and you’d love to fix it once and for all. That’s why I am doing a series of emails where I reveal the top mistakes I see women make in dating, and how to correct them because you know what? Most women don’t know they are consistently doing things to turn men off.
How many times have you wondered what he’s thinking or been unsure about how to connect?
Do you ever feel like he’s distant and can’t figure out how to get his attention?
Are you having serious questions about whether he’ll ever commit or tell you how he really feels?
It’s confusing, right?! Not to mention exhausting!
I will give you five powerful tips you can apply today to make a big difference in your dating life.
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Alright! Here are five ways to turn things around in your dating life.
These simple tips will not only draw him toward you but also inspire him to commit to only you.
Tip #1: Actively listen. A man loves a great listener that will look into his eyes. (They really are romantic and want to connect.) Let him do most of the talking, without interrupting (the 80/20 rule is a good idea). If you jump in while he is in the middle of a thought, he could easily lose track of what he is saying. What’s worse – the interruption can be a turn off to him, especially when you are new to each other. Men reveal more when you give them space to think before they speak.
Tip #2: Be happy! Men adore happy women. He also needs to know he can make you happy so don’t be shy about telling him the things he does (or says) that you appreciate.
Tip #3: Be yourself! Be who you really are. There’s no need to act like someone you aren’t, really. You want him to like you. This includes being completely honest when he asks you a question. Avoid the temptation to give vague answers. Just maintain a strong, confident sense of yourself without wondering what he’ll think. Men are extremely attracted to that.
Tip #4: Be positive. It can be tempting to talk about problems or past relationships but you want to keep the tone of your conversation positive. If you drag your skeletons out of the closet, especially early on, you can scare a man away. Keep the conversation fun and light. You’ll have a lot more fun too!
Tip #5: Be playful! Tease. Give him a hard time (not toooo hard of a time 😉 ). Men bond through playing and joking. Have you noticed how they do that to each other? This is how they learned to bond when they were younger, and love doing it with you too.
The bottom line – men can’t resist women who are at ease with themselves, and their femininity. They are irresistibly drawn to confidence, playfulness and positivity. They love women who are open, secure in who they are, and clear on what they want and need. Men respond really well when you can gently communicate what works for you, and what doesn’t. In fact, they find you EVEN more attractive.
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Here’s to you, and creating your own luck in love!
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