It’s like a the white elephant in the room. That nagging feeling of wanting to find the right partner and have a family.However your 30 now. Then comes 35 andall of a sudden you turn 40!

I’m not to saying that 40 old but let’s get honest it is getting up there if you want to have a baby (or 2)!

So here’s the deal! Don’t wait too long. You are playing a dangerous game with your fertility and future family!


I think women are being naive to think that love is going to just fall in your lap.

Think about it. Most things worth having you’ve worked for.


Why would this be different. And if you haven’t found MR RIGHT by now there is reason for it. That reason IS NOT that there are no good men out there- It’s that your Lasting Love skills aren’t as good as you think!


So what if I could show you how to PRACTICE finding MR RIGHT and

if you want to allow fait to take over the rest then I’m ok with that.

At least you prepared and practiced putting yourself in the drivers seat to make a choice!

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Heres another problem you might be challenged with!

You’re not meeting anyone special! And you have started to convince yourself that you don’t need to have a family. You just need a relationship.


OUCH.. I played this mind game on myself once so I know this one intimately. Today I have LITTLE MAX and honest to God I can’t believe I almost let that dream go!

If you wanted it once you want it now! What are you doing to create this reality in your life?

Maybe you have tried online dating sites for a while and it didn’t work out so you stopped trying.

Your at home on Friday nights continuing to be the best kept secret. All the while convincing yourself that its ok and when it’s suppose to happen it will. – NOT!

Yes for some people that’s their story but that’s a risky strategy!


I know two women who took charge of their live, got out of relationships that made them feel angry (he doesn’t call, your not a priority, all that stuff) and applied some very simple and consistent strategies. They both practiced for 40 days and met their men.

Ones pregnant and the others working on it. It will happen with MR RIGHT if you let me help you skill up!

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Looking forward to helping you break this endless cycle

and finding what you want in a relationship!

Cindy Olin!