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about me...

Cyndi Olin

As a former high end matchmaker, Cyndi has coached and worked with hundreds of people (women and men), to find their happily ever after.

Seeing the need that women (and men) have to develop a long term loving connection, she has being instrumental in guiding people to:

  • Break relationship patterns that have been keeping them from love.

  • Meet the right partner.

  • Develop communication skills to foster deeper and easier connections.

  • Understand how to save relationships and marriages, creating a stronger long-term connection.

Work With Cyndi

Schedule a Call with Cyndi and use the power of momentum to your benefit.

During this phone session with Cyndi, you will discover what you truly want, what exactly is holding you back, how to get on the path to the love and life you want, and which Cyndi Olin and Create your own luck in love coaching strategy/consulting solutions will best support your dream and vision, if it truly is a fit.

There is no pressure in this conversation and actually, Cyndi only invites about half of the people she connects with, to work with her. It’s important it is a good match for her clients to achieve the success they desire, and for Cyndi to offer her highest level of service. Simply tell us a little about you below...

Cyndi has more compassion insight and wisdom than most people I know. I had almost given up on love. By working with her I have not only up leveed my love life, the tools that I am learning have helped me turn around how I relate to men all together.


I have gotten more dates then I ever have in my life. They all want to see me again! And it's not that I feel or look like a different person.


I met my guy less than two months after we started coaching together. And not only has she helped me see our differences and how to bridge those gaps also how to work together as partners. I have never had this before.



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