When Julie came to me, she was incredibly frustrated with her love life. Things weren’t working and she could not figure out why. She wanted a relationship but her dates weren’t turning into lasting connections.
Only sixty days later, and she has more high quality dates than she knows what to do with. These men want to see her again and again too. They are treating her like a princess – bringing her chocolates from Europe and flowers, and actually courting her. What she finds really interesting is… it’s not necessarily that she looks better or even feels more confident than usual.
What she’s discovered through our work together is a way to be more open and clear about what she is looking for. Her communication with men has reached a whole new level and she’s finding it has changed everything. Now she loves dating and is enjoying the men.
Here’s why I’m telling you this… I know many of you can relate to the frustration Julie once felt and you’d love to fix it once and for all. That’s why I would like to give you the opportunity to talk with me (for free) about your dating mishaps so you can draw more love into your life and turn your situation around quickly, like Julie did. Because the truth is, you can read all my emails and get inspiration here and there but there’s nothing like the private attention of a dating mentor to get your personal breakthrough.
The thing is – most women don’t know they are doing things to turn men off. They just notice a guy slowly disappearing or becoming distant and never know why. Confusing, right?
I can help you figure out what’s really going on.
If you are ready to start feeling cherished and pursued and want my undivided attention,
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Here’s to you and Creating your own luck in love!
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